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About the Maine Solar Energy Blog

Solar Energy System installed by ReVision
The solar electric array on this home in Maine will capture enough energy to meet the household’s energy needs throughout the year. It is seamlessly ‘net metered’ with the utility so credits are bought/sold as solar is available or as utility power is needed.

This is a blog all about Solar in Maine, why are we falling behind other US States, what can we do to catch up?

We believe it is cause for concern, and immediate action, that Maine has the highest per capita CO2 emissions of all New England states. Despite our state’s pristine environmental reputation, we contribute to the atmosphere more greenhouse gases per person than our northeastern neighbors. One major reason is that 450,000 homes in Maine are heated with oil. We also drive long distances because our communities are spread out and we consume too much electricity that is produced by natural gas and coal. To meet our energy needs, Maine imports 1.5 billion gallons of fossil fuel each year and exports $2 billion from our state economy—much of it to countries that dislike us.

Renewable energy is one of the best solutions to Maine’s energy problems. Due to our latitude, and proximity to the Gulf Stream and resulting weather patterns, we receive the best sunshine in New England—more than enough to power every home with solar electricity and enough to supply all of our domestic hot water. In fact, there is enough solar energy in Maine to heat a super-insulated home year round. On top of that, we have enough forest resources to convert a significant number of homes to fully automated pellet boilers that are environmentally friendly.  And with today’s solar-powered air source heat pumps, you can heat and cool your home completely from solar energy!

The technology is here, and the time is now: all that’s required is the will to act.