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We believe it is cause for concern, and immediate action, that Maine has the highest per capita CO2 emissions of all New England states. Despite our state’s pristine environmental reputation, we contribute to the atmosphere more greenhouse gases per person than our northeastern neighbors. One major reason is that 450,000 homes in Maine are heated with oil. We also drive long distances because our communities are spread out and we consume too much electricity that is produced by natural gas and coal. To meet our energy needs, Maine imports 1.5 billion gallons of fossil fuel each year and exports $2 billion from our state economy—much of it to countries that dislike us.

Renewable energy is one of the best solutions to Maine’s energy problems. Due to our latitude, and proximity to the Gulf Stream and resulting weather patterns, we receive the best sunshine in New England—more than enough to power every home with solar electricity and enough to supply all of our domestic hot water. In fact, there is enough solar energy in Maine to heat a super-insulated home year round. On top of that, we have enough forest resources to convert a significant number of homes to gasifying wood and pellet boilers that are environmentally friendly.

The home in the photo below is super-insulated and designed to use zero fossil fuel energy. Maine Solar Energy installed the renewable energy systems that supply heat and power to the home.

maine solar house

Maine Solar Energy is a web-based division of Revision Energy. We built this website because we know that people in Maine want to make the transition from finite fossil fuel energy to sustainable renewable energy, and we know that many of you will look on the internet to find a good local company that you can depend on. ‘Maine Solar Energy’ is a common internet search engine phrase in our state, so we decided to use the web address to attract folks to learn about our company and our philosophy.

Maine Solar Energy was founded by four partners from Maine who want to help create a sustainable future. Below are the company’s core values:

  • First-class customer service
  • Responsibility for the environment & future generations
  • Health care for all employees
  • Jobs that foster personal and professional growth
  • Support for the communities in which we work and live

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